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Five Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

You must grasp what characterizes a modern kitchen, regardless of whether you want a simple, minimalist design or a more eclectic aesthetic. It’s not only cutting-edge technology or simplicity and clean lines. The notion of function underpins contemporary design. This is especially true in a modern kitchen, which is frequently the focal point of the home and where function and flow lines are critical.

A kitchen may be made to feel more modern by incorporating a few simple design elements in addition to its practicality. Continue reading for our top 5 design ideas for creating a modern kitchen so that you may steer your design in the direction you choose.

1. To begin, stack your backsplash tiles in a straight line.

There are several patterns you might use while tiling tiles:

  • horizontal 
  • straight stack 
  • vertical
  • chevron 
  • herringbone 
  • brick 
  • pattern

as well as numerous others If you want to give your kitchen a more modern look, we recommend using a straight stack rather than a more staggered arrangement. It is not only more streamlined, but it is also easier to install, has less lipping, and usually only requires a few cuts. This is compatible with the modern notion that form derives from function.

2. Replace any old appliances.

Today’s appliances come in a wide variety of styles. Despite the fact that Subzero and Wolf are America’s Sweethearts, there are a plethora of businesses that sell high-end appliances that aren’t necessarily pricey. High-end models like GE, Samsung, Thermador, and even Frigidaire include the following features:

  • With WiFi Connect enabled, you can receive phone notifications if the fridge door is left ajar, a water filter needs to be changed, the dishwasher’s pod supply is low, or a leak is spotted.
  • Induction cooktop technology.
  • A convection oven’s capacity to trap moisture and provide a more equal and stable temperature.
  • drawers to house a microwave
  • Climate-controlled drawers and compartments with customization possibilities
  • refrigerators with a countertop depth but plenty of internal storage
  • Lighting with LEDs

Even if we love all of the bells and whistles, upgrading to matching stainless steel appliances will give your kitchen a much-needed modern “refresh.”

3. Keep your lines brief and to the point.

In a modern kitchen, less is more. Countertops, cabinet profiles, hardware, and fixtures should be simple. Instead of an ogee or beveled edge, use a straight or relaxed edge for your countertops. Choose a simple knob or straight bar cabinet pulls. Instead of a traditional door, choose a cabinet with a flush panel or in the Shaker design. Instead of upper cabinets, utilize open shelves. Maintain simplicity, fluidity, and utility.

4. Employ geometric lighting.

Pendants, chandeliers, and sconces, when done correctly, may bring the finishing touch to a modern kitchen. Geometric-shaped lighting fixtures are fashionable, but if you want to soften the room’s square edge and straight lines, add some circular pieces.

In either instance, avoid employing traditional lighting equipment such as candelabras and fabric lampshades.

5. Let your decor tie everything together.

Choose clean-lined bowls, vases, and candlesticks made of modern materials. Display some abstract artworks in geometric frames. Choose some vintage furniture if you want to go more Mid-Century Modern. To complement the aesthetic, your furniture and interior design should be stylish yet subtle.

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