5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips (Or Myths)

5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips (Or Myths)

Many individuals live with outmoded or awkward kitchens for years out of dread of the disruption and cost associated with renovating. With the appropriate kitchen renovation contractors, you can adhere to your budget and timeline while reducing the amount of interruption.


Renovation contractors and what you should and should not do during a kitchen remodeling project are the subject of numerous urban legends. It is crucial to distinguish between myth and reality in order to make informed decisions regarding kitchen remodeling. Here are five kitchen renovation fallacies you should be aware of.

1. A certain percentage of your home's value should be spent on kitchen remodeling

In reality, there are different degrees of remodeling, and this is what defines how much you should invest. Clearly, if you only desire new lighting and wall covering, you do not need to invest as much as if you also desired new cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Once you decide what you want to alter most about your kitchen, you will likely spend between 5 and 15 percent of your home’s value on kitchen renovations. It is up to you to determine where your remodeling project falls on the spectrum between a cosmetic update and a whole overhaul, as renovation contractors can perform both.

2. I Can DIY My Kitchen Remodel

Many people don’t realize how big a kitchen remodeling job can be, and how critical it is that it’s done correctly In addition to being safe, your kitchen should complement the rest of your home and hopefully increase its value. Unfortunately, some individuals mistakenly believe that because they can assemble IKEA flat-pack furniture, they are capable of performing a kitchen redesign on their own, but this is not the case. Excellent kitchen remodelers are not inexpensive, but the ones with repeat customers are the ones who get the job done right the first time.

3. Kitchens should be remodeled according to the most recent fashions

Kitchens should be redesigned according to your specifications. If you intend to remain in your house continuously, you should rebuild your kitchen according to how you use it. If you intend to sell your home within the next few years, you should consult with kitchen remodeling contractors about how to make your kitchen more desirable to potential buyers. Use a particular trend if you like it, but don’t base a whole kitchen renovation on what’s “in” at the moment. In a few years, it can appear hopelessly dated.

4. We'll figure out the lighting later

Lighting should never be an afterthought, and the kitchen is no exception. When considering renovation professionals, inquire about their lighting renovation experience. Before beginning work on your kitchen renovation, you need at least limit down and carefully select your lighting options. The top kitchen remodeling contractors understand how a kitchen should be lit and are aware that delaying lighting till the conclusion of the job may necessitate settling for subpar lighting to keep it under budget. Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of making a room “work,” so give it considerable consideration from the start.

5. If we exceed our budget, we will install a less expensive floor

It is never a smart idea to attempt to save money by installing a subpar kitchen floor (maybe in order to purchase more expensive cabinetry). Floors are much more than simply another kitchen surface, and opting for a less expensive option to remain under budget frequently backfires when you want to rip it out again a year later. Like lighting, flooring is crucial to the entire appearance and feel of your kitchen, so it should be carefully addressed from the outset.


Perhaps the greatest misconception encountered by kitchen renovation professionals is that kitchen remodeling is by definition “too expensive.” This is not necessarily the case, especially when you consider the enhanced pleasure you’ll derive from a kitchen that is aesthetically beautiful and provides the storage, work tables, and appliances you need to spend countless hours with your family there.


Verify that you have a solid rapport with the chosen renovation contractor by inquiring about qualifications and contacting prior clients. With the proper materials and the appropriate contractor, a kitchen remodel can give your home an entirely new appearance and feel.

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